Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gettin' Greeks (and Me) In the Streets 5K

Rather than a "LBC" (Last Banana Club) report, this post would more appropriately be called "LWC" (Last Water Club). When I completed today's "Gettin' Greeks in the Streets" 5K, I hopefully put my cup under the cooler's spout and got ....... nada. There was a container of Sunny Delight on the table, though, so it did the trick.

It was a relief to arrive at the FSU Union Green and discover:
1) there was a race going on! (my friend Rob famously arrived at another campus race in February 2009 only to discover that the race had been cancelled due to drizzle)
2) I was not the only non-college student there. I still think at 44 I elevated the average age by my presence alone, but some GWTC stalwarts (Gary Droze, Margrete Deckert, Jamie Joanos, Fran McLean, Fred Deckert with his trusty camera) were there too.

The pre-race instructions had been a little odd. Pre-registration had closed on 7/1/09, and the instructions said that race day registration would be from 8-9 with the race starting at 9:30. By the time registration closed at 9, the organizers decided that it was futile to wait until 9:30 and announced "starting in 5 minutes." Gary somehow managed to talk them into 10 minutes, and I ran to the parking garage to put on my running shoes. When the organizer was about to yell "go!" a couple of us were trying to point out that some people were still arriving but the .... um ..... Greeks were already in the Streets.

This was not the day to break 40 minutes. Gotta keep working toward that goal (intervals here I come).

Even though I did not make progress toward my time-related goal, no day is a complete loss when you have the opportunity to circumnavigate the campus that holds your happy college memories; share time with running friends; and burn some calories.

My original title of this post was: I didn't have a great time but I had a great time. I wish there had been a better turnout and that the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tallahassee (the designated charity) had netted more proceeds, but no day is a complete loss that starts with a run with friends!

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Velva said...

You keep running towards that goal!