Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is Not That Day

Yesterday, I participated in the 5K portion of "Miller's Landing Madness," an annual Gulf Winds cross-country race characterized by trails in lieu of pavement and middle school/high school runners all "shiny new" with ambition for the new season. Wayne Kevin participated in the 3K. It was a beautiful morning for running (something no one could say on the original date of last year's race, when Tropical Storm Fay forced the organizers to cancel, a true rarity in the Gulf Winds world). In case anyone is keeping track, I didn't break 40, but ran 41:16, not bad for a trail run.

The tshirts this year for Miller's Landing Madness had a statement in Latin on them. Tom Perkins explained the saying right before the start of the race:

Someday I may not be able to do this ........ today is not that day.

I love that saying, and I loved sharing a running morning with my son.

The beginning of this week looks to have me tethered to the treadmill at the Opryland Courtyard Marriott. (I am in Nashville for a conference.) This area doesn't look that suitable for running around the outside vicinity.

At the end of the week, the family will convene in Riverview (south of Tampa) to bury Chuck's ashes. My mind has been occupied a good part of the week with working with Kris to pick the elements of the memorial service. As I said to her, some of the choices I have considered, that are popular right now at memorial services just are not Chuck. My friend Katherine suggested the song "Walk on the Moon" by John Stewart. This song includes the following stanza:

Friends, who were here, now are gone.
Oh, why does it happen so soon.
And, as they were closing their eyes,
Did they dream they would walk on the moon?
So the past week has been filled with thoughts of the music to play and the passages to recite to celebrate a life and to encourage those of us at the memorial to be more mindful of each other's dreams. I'll never be sure I understood Chuck's dreams, because I never asked. I wish I had.
Getting back to Tom's Miller Landing motto, I hope that each and every one of us touched by Chuck's life is able to say, when making the plan to pursue his or her dream:
Someday I may not be able to [name dream here] ...... today is not that day.
I'll "run" into you next week.

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