Thursday, December 31, 2009

My "Guest Blogger" Post at Tomatoes on the Vine!

I enjoyed being a guest blogger for my friend Velva, on her wonderful "Tomatoes on the Vine" blog.  I think I enjoyed it more than Wayne, who was not fond of the meticulous process of photographically documenting the preparation of his delicious potato dish!  (Hey, at least it kept me and my camera out of the convenience store restroom!)

Here's the link; I encourage you to visit!!

Happy New Year.


Susan Fields said...

Great post, Paula! The potatoes sound delicious. I don't own a ricer yet, but maybe one of these days. Congrats on your guest blogging post - I just love Velva's site!

Chris said...

Nice guest post! I've saved the recipe to try with my next rib roast.

And we LOVE our ricer, best mashed potatoes ever.