Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zipping Along Boldly (A Mama Kat Writers Workshop Prompt)

We participants in Mama's Losin' It had five words to choose from for our writing prompts this week. Just words.  Our choices were: simple, angsty, excruciating, enchanted, and bold.  The Random Number Generator gave me bold.

I didn't immediately know what I was going to say about "bold," but the images that came to mind rather quickly were the ones I see every day on Facebook from North Georgia Canopy Tours.  People zip through gorgeous foliage, having a blast (looks that way from the pictures at least!), and I am sure for a few of these people, they have to tackle some "fear of heights" issues as they embark on their adventures.  I send much gratitude to NGCT for sending me four pictures hand-selected by staff, within about an hour of me asking for something to use in my blog.  Without further ado, images of "the ultimate treetop adventure" combined with a few thoughts from me and friends about boldness.

Boldness Bit #1:  Although the dictionary defines "boldness" as having a "fearless daring spirit," I agree with my friend Jacqui who says boldness is "doing what needs to be done despite of whatever fears or apprehensions are wrapped around a situation. It's about digging deep within oneself and finding courage. So for me, BOLD is about finding and acting with COURAGE in the face of FEAR!!!"  Boldness is not really fearlessness, but coming to terms with the fear.

(Joe from North Georgia Canopy Tours)

Boldness Bit #2:  Sometimes, boldness is about the quieter, stronger choices we make.  When I was with a group of women a few weeks back, talk turned to a woman who wasn't there and some of the interactions she had had with members of our group.  One individual said, "I don't like her, do you?" to a few other group members.  One woman in the group just smiled and said, "I am not going to be involved in talking about her." It wasn't condescending or self-righteous, just gracefully extricating herself out of a negative, demeaning conversation and defending someone who wasn't there to do it herself. Quietly bold.

(Jenna from North Georgia Canopy Tours)

Boldness Bit #3: My friend Dan told me about boldly (or sneakily?) getting into sporting events free since he was 14.  He describes, "great seats, on the field, in the locker rooms (1969 Mets, drinking out of the Stanley Cup with the 1980 Islanders), the 1980 America/ Russsia Hockey game, in the ring with Muhammad Ali with pictures to back it all, interviews with players, right time right place for a specific game with no tickets or press passes and never getting caught. Now those were the days when it could be done. Bold or a sneak take your pick For me both!!!" Boldness that brings you "THISCLOSE" to legends.

(Unidentified ZipLine Adventurer at North Georgia Canopy Tours!)

Boldness Bit #4:  There is a boldness that benefits another human being forever, that the person making the bold choice may never personally benefit from and will probably grieve over for a lifetime.  My goddaughter Riley's biological mother made the bold choice to surrender Riley into a family with unconditional love to spare.  When I see this beautiful picture of all the gorgeous colors, I am grateful for our family's legacy of adopting multiracial children. A kaleidoscope of bold family love.

(Autumn Colors at North Georgia Canopy Tours)

Thank you again to North Georgia Canopy Tours for the
great photographs!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love this phrase"...boldness is about the quieter, stronger choices we make.."

Wonderfully written post!

Megan said...

Wow - you're right, those photos definitely showcase boldness!

Melissa B. said...

WOW...this is bold, I'd say. Love your snaps!

Velva said...

My first thought was hell no, you won't get me to zip line through the canopies (laugh). I was expecting photos of you zipping through the trees. I realized this post was going in a different direction.

"Bold" is a great word. If had to define "bold" personally. I would define it as a depth of character when used positively. Because you can be bold and stupid in the same breath, and it not always a good thing.

Great post.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Paula, these were all so wonderful. I love that you spoke of the many different kinds of boldness. And that last form of boldness, about the kaleidoscope of bold family love brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm sorry it took me forever and a day to stop by. Hope you're doing well, friend. :)