Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Words of the New Orleans Edition)

This past Saturday, I was attending the 16th Annual Camp Gordon Johnston Reunion. As part of the festivities, the New Orleans LCU was supposed to make a mock amphibious landing on Carrabelle Beach to simulate the WWII training activities that occurred there in the early '40's.

Unfortunately, the beach was too shallow for the New Orleans to complete the landing. All was not lost, however. The crew gave tours of the craft. Our tour guide was this very nice young man, Lieutenant (I think) Weinstein:

Maybe it's just all of the uncertainty of our family's struggle with continued unemployment, but as much as I love all things military watercraft, it just seemed that the words on the boat summarized my life right now:

It often feels like something stinks:

Thank goodness I have friends with whom I can:

And say what's on my mind:  

And, as always, I need to keep my options open:

Thank you to the US Army Reserves 824th Transportation Company, 332nd Transportation Battalion (Terminal), based in Tampa, Florida.


Stacy Uncorked said...

Loved your creative use of your awesome shots! :)

WW: Incredible Shrinking Girl

Alicia said...

You made me smile once again:) I love the clever way you used the signs on the boat. You're always thinking, aren't you? Ha ha;)

C.Mom said...

Very clever use of such ordinary signs!