Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Busy Bees Edition)

I really love running on the Miccosukee Greenway. The terrain varies from extremely "root-y," to grassy, to my favorite, crushed shell. There is a big grassy space that is probably roughly a mile around to circumnavigate. I often include it in my route.

Saturday, as I rounded a turn in my favorite grassy area, I noticed a spot that had been isolated by tape:

I thought perhaps a tree was down ... or there was a big hole in the ground ... or they had recently sprayed some toxic herbicide there or something. I did not expect this:

And (no lie) you could see all of the swarming insects buzzing around close to the tree line.

If you are one of my regular readers, you know how I love signs that make you scratch your head (well, they make me scratch my head at least!).

My thoughts about this sign:

a) Are the stinging pests supposed to stay away? It does say, "Stinging pests stay away!" As a grammar lover, I might suggest as an alternative: "Stay Away! Dangerous Stinging Pests Here!"
b) Interesting that theoretically it's okay outside of the tape but not inside the tape (I guess maybe there's a nest in the tree or something)
c) What's the deal with the phone number? Do the stinging pests have little tiny phones they are supposed to call with if they can't resist staying away?
d) Of course you know I couldn't resist calling the number. The number leads to the Leon County Division of Parks and Recreation, which tells you if it is an after hours emergency to call the Leon County Sheriff's Office. That is assuming you haven't lost all oxygen to your brain from the anaphylactic shock you may be in by this point.* 

*Important caveat. Although this post pokes a bit of fun at the Parks Division for the sign, I am a die-hard fan of the Greenway. As a runner, I never take for granted how well-maintained the greenway is, and how fortunate we are in Tallahassee to have miles and miles of safe and beautiful running areas. I frequently see the work crews out there keeping the bathrooms and other areas clean for our enjoyment. I am sure it is this care and commitment that led to the placement of the sign in the first place.

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Tree Removal Bronx said...

I loved your post. I think the same exact way. If I saw that sign in my favorite spot (its happened before) I would do the usual: Stare at it and ponder deeply, read the bad english, and then turn around, snap my fingers and let out a subtle (damn it!)But if it does say stay out, and you saw the pests; it would probably be best (hey that rhymes) to stay away.

-Oscar Valencia