Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every Problem Has a Gift for You in its Hands - a Be My Guest Post!

It endlessly fascinates me to see how different people can take one specific concept and turn it into something individual and unique.  I have really enjoyed "Be My Guest" month, a month of "mutual blogging."  As Be My Guest month comes to an end today, Lauren Novo shares her thoughts on the quote she and I both chose to use (and encouraged the universe of Be My Guest-ers to use!):  Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.  (by Richard Bach) 

I became acquainted with Lauren through my coworker Niki Pocock.  When Niki and I talk social media, it seems like the conversation often comes around to Lauren, who blogs at Gen-Y PRogress.  Lauren and I are at very different stages career-wise, but we have found in common a joy in writing and making connections.  Make sure to connect with her.  It will be a gift you give yourself!

“Every Problem Has a Gift for You in its Hands.”

By: Lauren Novo

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So in January, when my boyfriend and I flipped off the highway and landed upside down in a side ditch, I knew it wasn’t an “accident.” My car was demolished. But we walked out of the vehicle completely unscathed.

Why? I’m not sure. All I know is that it could have been so much worse.

Still, I had to juggle insurance calls, school and work the following week. I had to squeeze in time for car-shopping, and worried I wouldn’t find anything as reliable as the vehicle I had lost. I was stressed. Even a little resentful.

I tried to stay positive. I was beyond lucky to be alive. But still, I couldn’t help feeling annoyed that the accident was not my fault (a possum, YES a possum, hit the front tire, causing the car to spin out) and yet I had to deal with the problem.

I forced myself to sit down and really face my situation. I knew that as much as I hated the idea, I was going to have to finance my next car. I figured out what sort of payment plan I could realistically afford and went from there. And while I was at it, I looked at the other expenses I would be responsible for in May, when I graduate from Florida State University.

So where’s the “gift” in all this? The silver lining? Besides the obvious—my boyfriend and I are OK—I’m finally starting to see the bigger picture.

As a student, I’ve lived in a bubble. I think about life after graduation in terms of my career all the time, but not so much in terms of financial responsibility. I don’t like thinking about losing health insurance coverage the day I graduate. Nor do I want to worry about cell phone plans and actually having to pay for cable and water at apartment complexes.

But that’s life, and thanks to the car accident, I feel slightly more prepared for it. Now that I’ve acknowledged new and upcoming expenses, I know just how far any given salary will go. I know what I need to survive and I know what I need to feel comfortable.

I’m still as excited as ever about my future. But now, I’m happy to report I have a more realistic view of what that future will entail. And that knowledge and peace of mind are most certainly gifts.

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angie said...

What a fantastic idea! Hope you do it again!

Susan Fields said...

I'm so glad you're both okay! And I love your positive attitude - what a good example for all of us.