Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's About Time for "About Me" (a Mama Kat Writing Workshop Prompt)

When Mama Kat published her weekly writing prompts this week, I put the five options into the Random Number Generator, and came up with a prompt that would have been interesting to write to (In what way were you labeled as a child and how did it affect you?).  However, prompt number two kicked me in the procrastinating butt and reminded me that my BigGreenPen webpage is still under wraps, primarily because I haven't finished doing the writing to flesh the page out. That is why tonight I will be writing to this prompt (and getting a step closer to activating my web page in doing so):  About me. Do you have an about me page? Because people want to know. Write a page that describes who you are and what you’re about or spruce up your current about me page!

The screen print of the site that is under development.

With gratitude to Mama Kat for this prompt, I am happy to share the newly composed "About Me" content for


Introducing myself through these one-dimensional words on a computer screen seems so impersonal! However, you are there and I am here, so we will give it a shot.

In a way, my Twitter profile says it all:

Wife of one, Mom of two, friend of many

The beauty of a website is that I can use more than 140 characters to introduce myself.

My husband, Wayne, and I got married in 1992. (We met on a blind date!) We had our daughter, Tenley, in 1996, and our son, Wayne, in 1999.

I have a bachelor's degree in Child Development and Family Relations from Florida State University.  My master's degree, also from FSU, is in Counseling and Human Systems.

I took my "bite of the Big Apple" from 1989-1992, when I coordinated the internship program at Fordham University.

When Wayne and I decided to get married and locate in Tallahassee, I worked in communications for the Florida Department of Education's Comprehensive School Health Program.

In 1994, I moved to the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, which at the time was a fledgling program designed to insure uninsured children. "Fledgling" would never describe Healthy Kids now -- we have more than 225,000 enrollees, federal funding, and 30+ staff members.  I have done pretty much every task there except for accounting.

Throughout the years, reading and writing have always been a thread running through my life. In New York, I proofread professionally for Ballantine Books. I am a voracious reader who actually still communicates via snail mail with some people.  I am the "go to" girl for friends who need "one more eye" to tighten up and clarify their writing.

There are other things that I like to give my energy to also:  acting, running, being with my church family, and mobilizing volunteers. 

I also love quotes, and have chosen this one to sum up my approach to the things I do:

You don’t have to get a job with a famous company or hot-shot industry in order to have a spectacular career. You just have to do what you do with reverence.
--Hugh MacLeod

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

An About Me page is a must for a blog in my opinion. I like to find out who the people are behind the blogs I read and it helps me to connect with them so yes, we have an About Us page on our blogs.

Our small group at church is currently looking for someplace that could use some help in our community. We'd like to work as a group to help someone, any suggestions?

Stopping by from Writer's Workshop. Here's ours:

Jen said...

Very cool 'About Me' page. I really need to work on my page.

learncreatedo said...

great about me page and your new blog is looking good too. can't wait to see it "open for business"

Kim @ Not Your Typical Southern Belle said...

Well, your bio is definitely interesting....and I was VERY interested once I came across your professional proofreading gig. Wish I could find a job like that! I can spot a typo or grammatical error a mile away!

Just hopped over via Mama Kat :)

tanya said...

okay Paula, I really wish we lived near each other. We would totally be buds. You have done some amazing things with your life already. I am always impressed. I am now going to spruce up my about page. Have a great day! Oh and I love quotes too!

paulakiger said...

Tanya, thank you for stopping by! I am having trouble tracking back to you but want you to know I appreciate your comment! Yes, we would be buds but for now we can be blog/buds - that's a definite start!!

Cori said...

Great post!! I love getting to know the writers behind the blogs!! Makes the blogs seem so much more, well, human!!

Good luck with the launch of your new site!! I switched to self-hosted WP the end of August, so I'm still new and learning too!!

Velva said...

I always read the about me section of a blog-it can/does seal the deal for me. Also, I think that the "About Me changes and evolves over time, and we need to take the time to revise it.

Your blog is looking good.

NPocock said...

Your website screen print rocks! Great job! :)