Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Bitter Ending (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)


This post will put the nail in the coffin of any hopes I had of being a spokesblogger for the citrus industry.
The Mama Kat prompt that "gave" me this week was number four, "describe a food you abhor."

Now, I love food, and "abhor" is a strong word even for foods I dislike. But when my daughter determined recently that she was sure she would love grapefruit, and that we should buy a 3 pound bag (instead of just one), I am sure I gave her that "skeptical mom" look she detests so much.
She was drawn in, I think, by some image she had seen in a magazine or on tv of someone delicately slipping their spoon into a half grapefruit, retrieving the sparkly effervescent flesh, and devouring it with a smile, destined for a day of citrus infused health and happiness.
She didn't know that wresting the actual food out of a grapefruit is the equivalent of releasing a car accident victim with the jaws of life!
Being the wonderful (read: pushover) mom that I am, I gave in to the plea and we ended up with a 3 lb bag of grapefruit in our pantry.
Next vision: a half grapefruit in the fridge, looking all shriveled up and distinctly not eaten/enjoyed.
Daughter's response? It was so hard to eat.
For me, the issue is the bitter taste. And after a young adulthood of crazy diets, I have had lots of experience adding things, chemical and natural, to grapefruit to try to make it more palatable. I had the special spoon. Grapefruit (fresh, broiled, squeezed) never grew on me.
Whenever my friends who take medication that is contra-indicated along with grapefruit, like Synthroid (I think) talk about the contra-indication, I think a) why risk it? and b) doesn't the fact that it could kill you tell you something?
As with many other of my daughter's passing food fancies, we ended up with a tally of one half-eaten shriveled grapefruit in the fridge and a bag full of potential science experiments in the pantry.
A bitter ending.
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Lady Estrogen said...

My grandfather would have one for his breakfast every morning and you'd think that would trigger a positive memory for me, but no, the smell as it filled the kitchen would make me gag... but onions are still the worst for me. lol.

Stopping by from Mamakat's ;)

Jen said...

Yeah, grapefruit. I can take it or leave it.

Now if someone feeds it to me, I would totally take it.

The syders said...

I love Grapefruit and I eat them plain with no sugars. I have a special way of eating them with my spoon that seems to work...Yum!
Great post and Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

Andie@multiplemama said...

Love it. The post and grapefruit! Sorry about the sponsorship loss though... ;)

Jackie said...

I love the smell, but the taste, is just "ehh" for me. I do see how a heavy history with dieting can spoil any relationship with it.

kt moxie said...

We have one sitting in my fridge. I promised I would teach my daughter how to eat. I haven't done it yet...

Maggie S. said...

Not worth the work. Delicious. But too labor intensive. I agree. I had no idea about the drug interaction. That is just shocking.

Amanda said...

Oh, I love grapefruit...with about 3 tsp of sugar. :)

We had several passing fancies that ended this way, so I can relate...

Lisa said...

With about a tablespoon of brown sugar and a pat of butter microwaved until really warm, it's a treat. But even better they make a great skin rejuvenator sliced and floating in a full tub of water, that is if you like the scent. Great post!

Jackie said...

Ehh. I don't like grapefruit either. But after reading these comments about adding sugar, I may have to try that one day. Who knows. I haven't tried a grapefruit in so long because I disliked it the first time I tried it.

Jackie said...

You just reminded me that I haven't had grapefruit in FOREVER, and I LOVE it! I love the taste, and I don't think it's that much work eating it.

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I hope you won't be a stranger and come back next week, or even just mid week and say hello! : ) I post lots of other great things like recipes, tackles, GIVEAWAY'S and rambles (oh my!).

Shana said...

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Nikki said...

I love most citrus fruit, but I just can't get behind grapefruit. It grosses me out!

I'm a new follower from the Super Stalker hop!


Marie Noelle said...

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I now follow you on Twitter and I subscribed to your mailing list! I look forward to receive updates from your blog!