Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, on the .... Blog? (A Mama Kat Vlog Prompt)


Last week, when Kat added a "bonus" vlog prompt to her traditional list of five writing prompts, I bit. This week, the "bonus" was there again! I haven't figured out, if we keep getting these "bonuses," how I am going to balance vlogging with writing, but for this week at least, I wanted to make some technical improvements to last week's vlog (like fixing the lighting so my face showed up -- you know -- the basics!).
My 11 year old showed up as I was editing and showed me how to make the pictures go by faster, but after my tutorial, I forgot to do that and published .... so this week you can see my face but still have to sit through 7-second-long pictures (more time to read the witty captions, right?).
Without further ado ........ my answer to this week's vlog prompt ......... show us where the magic happens! Tell us about your blogging process!

The End!


Karen and Gerard said...

I'd love to know how you fixed the lighting. Can you actually edit the video to make it brighter?

I guess my strangest picture I took for a blog post was of a bus with duct tape on it right after I got off. Here's the link to the post I used it on:

Lady Estrogen said...

Ack - those reindeer cars are just ridiculous.
Nice vlog :)

Velva said...

Cheers to you for "vlogging it" Very cool.


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

I love your vlogs Paula!

I have taken pictures of some candy and a flute and included them both into a post, talking about a dead lizard (if you've read that). How's that for random props/ pictures?

Jessica said...

I also blog anywhere there is an Internet connection. All the time. Drives my family crazy. Those strawberries looked delicious.

Terry said...

Thought I would just drop in and say hello.

Very nice blog by the way... I am a new follower.

Would love to have you stop over and say hello.

Mama Kat said...

Great job! Love the addition of pictures this week. :)

Anne said...

Great vlog! Love the comment about being a Mom and finding a sock (how do you keep it to just one.. I find tons.. once we found 7socks in my sons bed!) and cleaning up cat throw up (with supervision by the cat!). Hilarious! I'm new to blogging so I've never thought to take pictures with a blog post in mind. I've been finding them to go with what I write. So I have something new to try! Cool!

jackie said...

Very brave of you to vlog, I still don't have the courage. Great job!

I usually blog on my kitchen counter or on the couch. As for pictures, I usually have an idea of what I'm going to blog about and then I look for pictures.

Paulette said...

YAY for better lighting! How the heck did you get a camera to sit on the computer? Or is it just an illusion? Loved your pics and suddenly feel the need for strawberries and to put an alert out for horrendous cars dressed as reindeer!

Bravo for taking the Vlog Challenge again!