Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wait! I Might Need That! (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

This week, "assigned" me Mama Kat prompt number two: If you were a hoarder, based on your personality…what would you hoard? (better yet, ask someone who knows you well, what they think you would hoard).

The family was only too willing to oblige. My 12-year-old son was the first to respond, with this answer (cut and pasted verbatim here by me):
Hmmmm this is hard but if you were a hoarder i think you would hoard somthing like books since you like proofing you would have gone over board and just started to buy every book in the world. or of course you could hoard papers but papers are lame to hoard so i say that you should say a item you would hoard would be lots and lots of books.

Cut to later in the day. My husband and my daughter discussed this assignment on the way home from dance. Want to guess their joint answer?

Books and Papers

I suppose in asking my family to say what they thought, I discovered they do indeed "know me well" (or at least they all agree).

What do you think the evidence says?


(As in ... I'd better hang on to this in case I need it in the future.)

And this exercise in family communication is now over ... I have a book or two to read and some paperwork to go through.



Dumb Mom said...

Dumb Dad hoards paper. Recently he put me in charge of it to help him manage it better. I throw it away. Not all at once, in chunks, so he doesn't notice. It's not like he ever deals with any of his papers, he just um, keeps them.

Anonymous said...

Great response to the Writing Prompt. My husband tells me I'm a hoarder be cause I keep some of the kids art work, and papers from school—you know, like report cards! It's funny how our families can see us, and know us so well.


Anonymous said...

haha, well your family certainly does know you well! I think if I were to hoard something it would be make up. For me going to Sephora is like being a kid in candy shop!

Anonymous said...

I hoard books too. It is just so hard to get rid of a good book!