Sunday, March 11, 2012

Horsing Around at the Red Hills Horse/Human Trials

It would be hard to find another town in the United States that finds more ways to combine running with fun as well as Tallahassee does. Case in point: today's Access Tallahassee Cross Country Challenge.

It all sounded pretty innocuous: go out to the cross country course at the Red Hills Horse Trials and run the course!

That would be the 2.4 mile course with approximately 25 horse-sized jumps:

Including two "wet" jumps like this:

Some would say the idea itself was "squirrel-y":

But it had plenty of opportunities to rediscover our "inner child" and "jump for joy" (or survival):

It was no "picnic":

(Imagine the scale; this is a horse jump/human jump.)

But the things that take us out of our comfort zones rarely are a picnic.

Thank you Access Tallahassee for a fun and challenging event!

(Access Tallahassee is a young professionals' organization created by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Visit their website here.)

(You can visit my entire album from my experience here. I was a bit limited as I had a disposable camera and was trying to run the course while navigating those jumps!)

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