Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Father's Day! (A Mama Kat Post)

This week, I chose to do Mama Kat prompt #3, list 10 things you'd would love to give your husband or Dad for Father's Day. A list of what I would like to give him is probably the only thing I can afford this year anyway!

1. The Saleen Truck he wants.

The closest we have come is this valve cap covers he was given when he and Wayne Kevin visited a Saleen dealership a few years ago and took a test drive:

2. Time/Money to golf a lot more.

3. The trip to Europe he has always wanted to take on the Q.E. II (because he doesn't like to fly).

4. The family trip across America in an RV that he wants to take.

5. Members of the family willing and enthusiastic to do #4 (it would take some convincing).

6. Resuming season tickets to FSU Football.

7. The conversation with his brother, Chuck, that I think every member of our family wishes they could have - the one where we tell him to hang in there - that he can't possibly know how many people love him and want to help him fight his demons. To read about Chuck, click here.

8. An incredible outdoor kitchen, with a gorgeous walkway to a sparkling pool, surrounded by lush Florida-friendly landscaping.

9. An end to the interminable job-hunt process that started in August 2010. The continued support of great people who return calls, do what they say they do, and remain friends through thick and thin. A paycheck (obviously, please, sooner rather than later thankyouverymuch) but more than that, the reassurance that there's some vocation out there that's so exciting it makes waking up every morning an act that inflates the spirit. 

10. The gift of no more smoking. We want him around to get all the items on this list (and  more).



Mama Kat said...

I'm not sure who the outdoor kitchen of HEAVEN is for...him?? or you! ;)

Love this list!

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Trissy-T said...

That is a great list! I'm sure any father or husband would love all of those things too!