Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Pearl Edition)

Today is "pearls" day in the #StyleMeMay Challenge.  

I did wear Pearls today:

I like these pearl earrings because they're a) unique, b) dressed down enough for day, and c) dressy enough for evening.

But the better pearl story involves these pearls:

My son got them for me on two separate trips to Sea World. At Sea World, they make a big production out of "harvesting" the pearls from an oyster the customer chooses. Clearly I feel prey to the thrill twice, at a cost of $15 or so each time, then the pearls just sat in my drawer. Whenever we have been near a Michael's or other craft store, Wayne Kevin would beg me to buy jewelry supplies so we could turn the pearls into something wearable. I was a little too cheap and a little too clueless to actually do that.

But then "pearl day" came up and I had to take a picture of something.

Since I don't (yet) own this incredible pearl necklace made at a Guatemala fair trade shop, and sold locally at  Quarter Moon Imports:

Photo Credit: Altiplano

I decided instead to tweet the picture of the Sea World pearls with text that said, "What should I do with these?"

And my friend Barbara, who is super-crafty, tweeted and DM'd me options, including a local craftsman who is probably a lot more proficient at jewelry making than I am.

This story is not over, but if there's a category of "jewelry made from something awesome your kid gave you" in a future #StyleMe month, I am on my way to being prepared!



Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Darn! I never find a pearl! He's got some luck! :)

Healthy Heather said...

I love this! Plus, a mother-son bond that makes my day. :)