Monday, May 14, 2012

Three-Day State of Bliss (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

I actually had a chance to grill my husband a bit about his vision of how we would carry out Mama Kat prompt number three from last week's selections:  You have a 3 day weekend to do anything you want with your family…money is not a factor, BUT you must stay in your own state. What would you do?

Granted, we do live in Florida, a state that almost anyone would argue is replete with options. And although the topic of theme parks did come up in the discussion, our conversational road took an abrupt turn when the topic of "The Mouse" came up. We have stood in enough lines, endured enough tantrums, sweated buckets of sweat. This three days will not involve any of that.

We were able to agree on a few things:

1) It would be relaxing (hallelujah). And although we didn't name a specific place, I know we both share an affinity for the west coast (Marco Island) and the Panhandle (St. George Island).

Marco Island Photos

This photo of Marco Island is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

2) We would like to indulge in some fabulous food, from someplace like Sea Salt  in Naples, but wouldn't want to bother with driving. Since money is not a factor, we would take a limo!

Photos of Sea Salt, Naples

This photo of Swordfish with Lobster from Sea Salt is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

3) Oddly, one of the first things he said was "no computers."

I notice he didn't say "no ESPN."

Good thing money is no object, because clearly I am going to need a separate sports-free suite.

With books.

And Style Network.

With a balcony view overlooking the ocean.

And wine.

Now we're talking.

Well, here I have laid out my perfect three-day in-state getaway and I have left out 50% of the "family" part. Hm. Good thing money is no object, as Tenley will have been sent shopping (in the limo, of course) with plenty of dough and Wayne Kevin will have ensconced himself behind the awesome Alienware computer in his suite.

Yep, in state all right. "State" of bliss! 


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Jen@runfortheboys said...

Since money is no object, you can take your family of running friends. Sign me up!